Reagens was founded in 1952 in San Giorgio di Piano, near Bologna. Since its foundation it has grown steadily with continuous investments, developing new and increasingly sustainable additives for PVC and other polymers.

Today this is the headquarters and the main Research & Development center of the Reagens group. In this efficient facility, Reagens produces the complete range of stabilizers and co-stabilizers for PVC: solid COS (Ca-Zn and Organic Ca Systems), liquid Mixed Metals (BaZn, CaZn and kickers) and Tin stabilizers.

Reagens is also a leading producer of thioesters for the polyolefin and other non-vinyl polymers industry.
All processes are controlled by automated systems that guarantee constant quality, safety and high productivity

The San Giorgio di Piano site employs 190 people and is certified according to the Integrated Management System (ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 Standards).
Reagens has always been at the forefront in the defense of PVC and other plastics, through the development of increasingly sustainable additives; it is therefore natural that its management is actively involved in associations that promote its image with scientific topics, such as ESPA and VinylPlus.